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Stefan Meylaers - Intro

Stefan MeylaersStefan Meylaers (°1970) uses the art (taking into account that music is the highest one) as something that makes the human being in all aspects richer and leads to the gates of mysticism. This is the starting point. Art is a gift that tells us about the most fundamental questions in life and leaves space fore something that finally can only be described. Music is therefore an important tool for communication. Communication in an abstract language, contrary with our unambiguous conventional language that works only by the law of the most essential feature of the existence of human being: the interaction between tension and relief, the tension which is longing for the solution.

The composer believes that, in order to be able to project this interaction in music, he needs to respect the laws of perception in the way the initial identifications during the process of listening can be guaranteed. Stefan Meylaers chooses a language in which the definition of tension and relief can be manifested through a personal, unique and complex scale of parameters. The result is a free tonal, so, tonal orientated language with a special metrical and rhythmic drive and attractive melodic structure. Content and form, what and how are bound up with each other in an inextricable way. The sense of these connections determines the length.


Stefan Meylaers, also member of the Belgian composers association ComAV, belongs to the young, successful generation of Belgian composers. He is considered as a cosmopolitan composer, who, mainly in an auto-didactic way, tries to absorb, incorporate and finally channel all musical expressions and tendencies. He uses a language where emotion and ratio are kept in balance and where the power to address is very prominent. The framework of this style is free tonality. Numerous important performers show their interest in the work of Stefan Meylaers. His music is regularly performed and received with enthusiasm by the public in Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Russia, USA (Carnegie Hall, United Nations, South Street Seaport Museum (New York)), Canada, Brazil, Cuba and South-Africa - also in radio (Radio 1, Radio Klara, in Radio Limburg (NL)), in TV (TVL(B),TVL(NL), Globo (Br) and Radio Bartok and Baranya (H)) - and received with enthusiasm by the public. He won the Hedgehog-prize for his social merit.


Stefan MeylaersStefan Meylaers (°1970) studied at the Lemmens Institute and won the Specialization Diploma in Piano and the Master Diploma in Piano and Chamber music. He furthered his studies with renowned teachers such as Alan Weiss and Zoltán Kocsis (piano), Guido De Neve (chamber music), György Ligeti (composition) and David Jackson (opera coaching). He is active as a concert pianist, accompanist, composer and pedagogue. In 1996, he was the only selected Belgian pianist to work at the Opera Studio from the Royal Muntschouwburg in Brussels. In 1999 he won the bi-annual competition for Belgian composers held by the DMP Publishers. The music contains, according to the jury, a high grade of expression and originality. His music is highly successful in Belgium and abroad. In 2000 he formed the New Art Trio. In 2001 the release of the CD “Stefan Meylaers, portrait of a composer”, included in the famous series In Flanders’ Fields by the Belgian label Phaedra brought the acclaim he deserved. The CD gives the listener the treat of a five-year composition labour (1996-2000). Prominent Flemish musicians worked together to produce this CD, which was praised also by the specialized press and it was chosen by the national classical radio, Klara, as "CD of the week".

In 2002 Stefan Meylaers participated in a CD-project for Belgian composers, played by the famous Brazilian pianist José Eduardo Martins and realized by the Rode Pomp (Ghent). In the same year he recorded with his New Art Trio, in co-operation with the International Film Festival from Ghent, the CD “Concert Music of Film Composers “. In 2004 he wrote for the occasion of the 50th birthday of the Noord-Limburgse Muziekacademie “Black and White”. The work was featured on a special celebration CD. Stefan Meylaers was invited in 2005 to play in the concert hall of the United Nations in New York. In the same year he was also selected as one of the composers during the “Musical days of Flanders” in Saint-Petersburg (Russia). In 2006 he released successfully his second portrait-CD “Stefan Meylaers, Portrait of a Composer II ” (In Flanders' Fields, label Phaedra) which contains music composed between 2001 and 2005.

He started to work together with the legendary João Carlos Martins and wrote for him and his Bachiana Orchestra a suite for piano and orchestra which was named "Amazonas". With the composer himself at the piano the piece, meant to bring full attention to the environmental concerns about the Amazon Rain Forest, was successfully performed in 2007 in a sold out Carnegie Hall in New York and Teatro Amazonas in Manaus, in the middle of the jungle. Both events are unique in Belgian history.

In 2008, Judy Jones from the Judy Joy Jones Show (Blog Talk Radio/San Francisco) asked Stefan Meylaers to write the theme music. That same year he was invited as guest speaker and performer (together with professor Johan Albrecht and professor Frank Raes) on the 10th conference about environment & health in Belgium. He also became artistic director of “Dancing with the notes”, presented by the Limburgs Symfonie Orkest (Maastricht, The Netherlands).

The challenge to discover new horizons led in 2009 to the presentation of his new recording project, temporary given the name “Belgian Loft & Lounge“, a crossover concept with influences from the jazz, classical music, world music and film music as well. In autumn, the Belgian TV top production "De smaak van De Keyzer" was honored and closed by a spectacular live event under artistic direction of Stefan Meylaers (arrangements/performing/direction/ new compositions).

Current life

Stefan and Maria MeylaersStefan Meylaers teaches at the Stedelijke Muziekconservatorium, the Muziekhumaniora in Hasselt and at the Noord-Limburgse Muziekacademie in Neerpelt. He is currently artistic director of “Dancing with the notes”, presented by the Limburgs Symfonie Orkest (Maastricht, The Netherlands).

He was also guest teacher in South Africa and Brazil and jury member for several occasions.

He is married to Maria, lives in the green province Limburg (Hasselt/Belgium) and has three children, Sarah, Sofie and Thomas


His music is published through Lantro Music.